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OSOD™ - Online Sex Offender Database™, is a web-based database solution for law enforcement agencies that meets all of the local, state and federal requirements for the display of registered Sex Offender data to the public including automatic notification of updates.
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TSOD™ - TerraVision Sex Offender Display™, is a computerized LCD display designed to attach to a wall and display live updates from the OSOD™ - Online Sex Offender Database™ via a CAT-5 network connection, WiFi wireless connection or removable USB storage device.
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ClerkSite™ and JudgeSite™ are browser accessible, web-based Intranet/Extranet client-server applications designed specifically for Clerks of Court and Judges. The applications are designed such that the court staff is able to provide up to the minute data online for public access via the Internet from any place they have Internet access. The provided data types include but are not limited to Court Trial Calenders, Jury Lists and Legal Forms.

ClerkSite™ and JudgeSite™ are complete turn-key packages which include on-site training and are remotely hosted on TerraVision Servers™, providing secure data storage, reliable backup & unlimited bandwidth data transmission.

Note: All hosting packages are payable annually, in advance, are non-refundable and can be cancelled by either party at any time for any reason.

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